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Learn How to Draw a Dragon (Toothless the Night Fury) with Gabe Hоrdоs, the supervising animatоr fоr Tооthless оn DreamWоrks’ How to Train Your Dragon.



    Come  f l y  with me
    Into a  f a n t a s y


    Come  f l y  with me

    Into a  f a n t a s y

Right, bud? You couldn’t save all of me, could you? You just had to make it even.

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More art for How to Train Your Dragon 2! This time: Hiccup’s Dragon Blade.
The Dragon Blade was Hiccup’s way to control fire and another one of his tools to communicate with dragons.

“One end coats the blade in Monstrous Nightmare saliva, the other sprays Hideous Zippleback gas. All it takes is a spark and…”
-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

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